Wednesday, June 11, 2014

hw FINAL-1

Review Handout from Class
Text Book End of Course Assessment
pg 792-797
I may or may not create a form for this purpose, so in the interim, please email me a list of problems that you would like to see discussed during our review on Friday.
You don't have to do every problem for Friday... the more you do, the better prepared you'll be. (DUH!)

Monday, June 9, 2014

hw #10-3R & hw #11-2R FACTORS CANCEL - TERMS DON'T!!

hw #10-3R
pg 632 #1-25 ALL (Mid-Chapter 10 Quiz)
hw #11-2R
pg 690 #1-10 ALL, #14 (Mid-Chapter 11 Quiz)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

hw #10-2 & 10-3 Let's Get Radical

hw #10-2
Read section 10-2 and watch the MathChamber Academy Videos
pg 623 #1-9 ALL, #11-39 ODD

hw #10-3
Read section 10-3
pg 629 #1-4 ALL, #9-23
UPDATE: SKIP #5-8 OOPS, my fault... we'll see it on Monday

There will be a QUIZ on sections 10-1 thru 10-3 next Weds, June 11.
You should also begin thinking about the Final Exam (scheduled for Tuesday June 17th). Re-visiting Chapter Review sections in the text book is a good place to start. Remember slope-intercept and standard form? Remember solving systems of equations? Exponent Rules??? What FUN!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

hw #11-1 Simplifying Rational Expressions

hw #11-1
due Tuesday June 3rd
pg 667 #9-27 Odd
#9-21 should be ez-schmeezy for anyone that can factor...
You might find #23,25,27 to be a little tricky... take a look at Problem#3 on pg 665  "Recognizing Opposite Factors"... essentially, you have to factor out  a "-1" from one of the binomials in order for the numerator and denominator to "divide out" (did I hear someone say c*&&nc*&^l???).

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

hw #9-Review

hw #9-Review
Chapter Review & Chapter Test in text book
Test will be on sections 9-1 thru 9-6 only
I'll forward the answer key for the Chapter Test
ignore questions 20-22, but if you're in the mood to surprise yourself, I'm sure you  could probably answer them.... if you checked out problem #3 on pg 598, you'd see how FUN & EASY it is to solve a combo linear-quadratic system of equations.